Back from beyond

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted so here’s a little insight into what I’ve been up to. Back in May, I was over in the United States, attending my first ever Horror Convention. I went to Texas Frightmare and met the likes of Phantasm’s Don Coscarelli, and director Jennifer Lynch. It was a great time although I have to say that there is a heavy focus on autograph collecting, and I’m not much of a collector.

Also before I went to Texas and for a while after that I was working on a feature length script. It was the first time I’ve wrote one by myself so it was a bit arduous but I got there and I’m proud of it and I’m in the process of approaching producers and directors about it, although it’s quite nerve-racking to put it out there.

Also for the last couple months I have been reviewing for UK Horror Scene. You can find all my reviews here. ┬áThere’s plenty to read because I was recently down at Film4 Fright Fest in London and I was covering it for UK Horror Scene, reviewing the 22 feature films that I saw during the 5 day festival. ┬áThe reviews are still being released every other day and you can find out when they are being released by following me on twitter @Horror365.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. I intend to do more fiction writing soon, most likely more short stories but I do want to do more script work, so I intend to reach out to my local film makers to work on some collaborative projects. If I’m lucky my script will get picked up so my fingers are crossed there.


Christopher Stewart

King of Creeps (@Horror365)