Emerging from the Darkness

So apart from my comic book recommendation post, it’s been ages since I posted anything. However I have been working on some things.

First:  Please follow the new Christopher Stewart/Horror Every Day Facebook page. It’s easier to know when I’ve made new posts on here if it shows up on your Facebook feed.  Also I’m trying to be more active on Twitter (@Horror365) so follow me there too please.

Second: Zines! I’ve been submitting to some horror zines and I’m now a collaborating member of two zines. The first one is the Spill Yr Guts horror zine (Available to buy here), and the second is Frisson Comics’ Knock Knock zine, which I believe is available through the Frisson Comics Patreon.

Third: This burst of motivation is due to the zine submission success and the result of a live reading I did of my story Post Exorcism Drinks, which I performed at a local Talent Soiree here in Auckland. I’m going to post the video of this performance shortly.

Finally: I’m looking into more publications and anthologies, more opportunities to get my writing out there. I’ve done more writing since The Office Party, but I’ve been hording it a bit in case I want to self-publish (Can’t just put up all my writing for free). There will still be the occasional free short story, and when the time comes that my work is available to buy, I’d appreciate the support.



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